Hamilton Olympic Club

On Monday, December 3, Sport Hamilton held its  Breakfast of Champions.   Athletes, who had won provincial championships or who had represented Hamilton or Ontario at national and international competitions, along with their respective coaches, were invited to attend this annual event and be recognized for their achievements.
Various student athletes were presented with awards for leadership and excellence; all nominated by area schools for their contributions not only to that school, but also to their communities.  Their lists of volunteering were quite impressive, as were their academic prowess.
We were to be entertained by three different high-level athletes who would talk about their own accomplishments and how they are striving for reach even further towards their goal.   John Schwaiger, a double-mini trampoline and power tumbling specialist, talked about his move from Calgary to the Hamilton area in pursuit of improving his various skills.  He was followed by HOC’s own Myles Misener-Daley.   The focus of his presentation was certainly on his immediate future and of his desire to be part of the 2020 Olympic team.
The big ‘surprise’ of the morning was Laura Fortino, twice an Olympic medalist in hockey.   She brought along teammate, Laura Stacey, so we were given a double dose of how much time, effort, sweat and tears goes into making a champion.   It was even more impressive when Laura Stacey reported that she had been cut from Team Canada FOUR TIMES, but persevered to be on the 2018 silver medal team.
After the HOC group received their medals, we were fortunate to have all four of these high-achieving athletes with us.
Top row:    Vincent Irobun
Second row:   Laura Fortino, Daniel Reader, Cameron McLeod,  John Schwaiger (partly hidden)
Bottom row:  Laura Stacey, Marqus Rookwood, Rhona Trott, Myles Misener-Daley