Hamilton Olympic Club

Congratulations to all HOC athletes who competed in the various cross-country

meets this autumn. You did your schools and your club proud!

Congratulations also to coaches Pauline, Patti and Danielle for all the work that they have put into

getting these athletes ready – both in the past and the present – and prepared for the “fun

and games” of the autumn season.


HWIACOctober 15Christie Conservation Park

Midget Girls – 2992m

1Madison JohnstoneAncasterthe Ancaster team finished first

2Brittany JohnstoneAncaster

3Meaghan BoatsmithWestdale

16Bailey BovellWestmount

Junior Girls – 4076m

10Peipei WangWestdalethe Westdale team finished second

17Caitlin ParrWestdale

Senior Girls – 4520m

3Chloe HewittWestdalethe Westdale team finished first

5Jasmine BuckridgeWestdale

7Anya de BeerAncaster

10Camille DehghanAncaster

13Ryann JohnstonDundas Valley

15Emily BrentDundas Valley

16Jenna SmithDundas Valley

18Brooke BottosWaterdown

Midget Boys – 4520m

1 Alec PurnellDundas Valleythe DV team finished first

4Finn MillsAncasterthe Ancaster team finished second

7Eric JustassonDundas Valley

29Aidan OuterbridgeAncaster

Junior Boys – 6184m

3Jared WalklingSherwood

4Owen OpieWestdale

Senior Boys – 7213m

3Addy NixonWaterdown

6Nick D’AlessandroHenderson

7Brent SmythWestmount

8Jack HolmesDundas Valley

13Eric HeidebrechtDundas Valley

29Tom MansonDundas Valley

22Ben Frager-WellsWestdale

ZONE 4October 16Fireman’s Park, Niagara Falls

Midget Girls – 3Km

1Abby NickersonBlessed Trinity

Senior Girls – 5km

1Rachel BarichBlessed Trinity

5Rachel LangelaanBlessed Trinity

Midget Boys – 5km

4Drew RuigrokBlessed Trinity

SOSSAOctober 23Fireman’s Park, Niagara Falls

Midget Girls – 3Km

1Madison JohnstoneAncaster

5Brittany JohnstoneAncaster

6Meaghan BoatsmithWestdale

7Abby NickersonBlessed Trinity

27Bailey BovellWestmount

Junior Girls – 4km

16Peipei WangWestdale

46Caitlin ParrWestdale

Senior Girls – 5km

1Rachel BarichBlessed Trinity

6Chloe HewittWestdale

8Jasmine BuckridgeWestdale

12Rachel LangelaanBlessed Trinity

14Anya de BeerAncaster

15Camille DehghanAncaster

19Ryann JohnstonDundas Valley

34Jenna SmithDundas Valley

35Emily BrentDundas Valley

(Interesting note: in team competition in senior girls, first place – Westdale, second – Blessed Trinity)

Midget Boys – 5km

2 Alec PurnellDundas Valley

4Finn MillsAncaster

16Eric JustassonDundas Valley

23Drew RuigrokBlessed Trinity

Junior Boys – 6km

4Owen OpieWestdale

7Jared WalklingSherwood

Senior Boys – 7km

6Addy NixonWaterdown

7Nick D’AlessandroHenderson

14Jack HolmesDundas Valley

18Tom MansonDundas Valley

19Eric HeidebrechtDundas Valley

21Brent SmythWestmount

42Ben Frager-WellsWestdale

GHACOctober 23Hamilton

Midget Girls – 3Km

1Kaitlyn LynchBishop Tonnos

6Emily BourqueBishop Tonnos

Junior Girls – 4Km

4Marlena MazzaCardinal Newman

15Alexandra VaccaBishop Tonnos

Senior Girls – 5km

16Mikayla HewittSt. Mary’s

Senior Boys – 7km

12Adam TweedleCardinal Newman

37Matt PhillipsSt. Mary’s

OFSAANovember 1, 2014Kitchener-Waterloo

Midget Girls – 3Km

13Madison JohnstoneAncaster

27Kaitlyn LynchBishop Tonnosthe team finished 9th

48Brittany JohnstoneAncaster

81Meaghan BoatsmithWestdale

90Abby NickersonBlessed Trinity

144Emily BourqueBishop Tonnos

There were 259 finishers in this race. Our athletes were absolutely fantastic!

Junior Girls – 4km

30Marlena MazzaCardinal Newman

There were 259 finishers in this race. Our athlete was absolutely formidable!

Senior Girls – 5km

34Rachel BarichBlessed Trinitythe team finished 19th

67Chloe HewittWestdalethe team won the SILVER medal

108Jasmine BuckridgeWestdale

151Rachel LangelaanBlessed Trinity

There were 267 finishers in this race. Our athletes were absolutely wonderful!

Midget Boys – 5km

25Finn MillsAncaster

27 Alec PurnellDundas Valleythe team finished 12th

110Eric JustassonDundas Valley

There were 254 finishers in this race. Our athletes were absolutely superb!

Junior Boys – 6km

76Jared WalklingSherwood

95Owen OpieWestdale

There were 267 finishers in this race. Our athletes were absolutely outstanding!

Senior Boys – 7km

101Addy NixonWaterdown

104Nick D’AlessandroHenderson

There were 270 finishers in this race. Our athletes were absolutely great!