Hamilton Olympic Club


When: Friday, January 29 at 6 pm

Where: Delta United Church (corner of Ottawa and Maple Streets)

Who: Atletes, Coaches, Family and Friends

Whether it was achieving a personal best or medalling at a meet, we’re extremely proud of the tremendous achievements of all our athletes in 2015. As we enter our 90th year, we can look back on some important milestones and set goals for the future. Come celebrate with us!

As is our tradition, sharing a potluck meal is at the heart of the evening. Check the chart for what you can bring:

Family Name:

A – I please bring a dessert
J – N please bring a salad of some kind
O – Z please bring some kind of main course
Each dish should serve 6-8 people

******Please ensure that all food dishes have no peanut products in them as some of our athletes do have allergies. Please put your name on the bottom of the container that you bring – at least, if you want your container returned to you. Same goes for serving utensils, etc.******
Please contact the registrar, Rhona Trott, (rhebt@hotmail.com) or your coach to tell what you will be bringing and how many will be attending.