Hamilton Olympic Club


Celebrating over 97 Years of Track & Field!
Our mission is to help Track & Field athletes in the city of Hamilton realize their potential at all levels of participation – from recreation to elite competition.

The Hamilton Olympic Club (HOC) is proud to be the oldest continuously operating track and field organization in Canada. Established in 1926 by a group of local businessman, the Club committed itself to providing quality training opportunities to Hamilton’s youth. This has remained our focus to this very day. From its illustrious beginnings to the present, many HOC athletes have competed at the provincial, national and Olympic level.

“Our Club provides programs for athletes from age 8 to adult in the various disciplines of track and field. Program availability varies by season, so do take a look at our detailed program information links.”

2023 Board of Directors

Position Name
President Scott G. Davidson
1st Vice President Alyssa Di Cesare
2nd Vice President Michael Smith
Secretary Jane Castelli
Registrar Barb Morris
Treasurer Rich Gelder
Past President Rich Gelder
Member-at-Large Monika Di Cesare
Member-at-Large Angelo Di Cesare
Member-at-Large Bill Urie
Member-at-Large Marcello Campanaro
Member-at-Large Vanessa DuBois
Member-at-Large Heidi Davidson
Member-at-Large Donna Stechey
Member-at-Large David Lowe



Coaches Programme Contact
Patti Moore, Nick D’Alessandro, Mikayla Hewitt Distance Program patti.run@gmail.com
Marcello Campanaro, Bernard DuBois, Heidi Davidson Power/Sprints Program campanarom@hdsb.ca
Marcello Campanaro Throws Program campanarom@hdsb.ca
Mike Smith, Jane Castelli, Bill Urie, Dan DiVincenzo MTA/Intermediate Program boatsmith27@gmail.com
Val Sergeant, Rich Gelder Youth Development Program richardgelder68@gmail.com
Bernard DuBois Para Program bedubedu@hotmail.com
Sean Doucette Throws Program seanjuan22@hotmail.com