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YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Age: 8–11 (birthdate 2006-2009, grades 2 – 5)

Cost: $120 for spring outdoor season. $100 for fall outdoor season.

Intermediate Age: 11-14, (birthdate 2003-2006, grades 5-8)

Association (Governing Body): Minor Track Assocation (MTA) http://minortrack.org/

Cost: $250 for winter indoor season. $250 for spring-summer outdoor season. $150 for fall outdoor season. $480 for annual membership (only available in January for the calendar year)


Speed/Power: sprinting (100m, 200m, 400m), hurdles (60mH indoors, 200mH outdoors) and jumps (long, high and triple).

Middle distance: 800m to 1500m.

Cross Country: (only Fall Season)

Throws: discus, shot put, javelin

SENIOR Age: 14-30 (grade 9 & up)

Governing Body: Athletics Ontario (AO)

Cost: $250 for winter indoor season. $250 for spring-summer outdoor season. $150 for fall outdoor season. $480 for annual membership (only available in January for the calendar year)


Speed/Power: sprints (100m, 200m, 400m), hurdles (80m/100m/110m and 300/400m) and jumps (long, high and triple).

Middle distance: 800m to 5000m.

Throws: discus, shot put, javelin, hammer and weight

Cross Country (only Fall Season)


  • $250/yr + AO fee when necessary (see below)
  • Must be registered full-time in a post-secondary institution to qualify.
  • Those competing in non-school meets also pay the Athletics Ontario Fee (see http://www.athleticsontario.ca/content/home.asp ). Check with your coach as to whether you need to register with Athletics Ontario.

Recreational Discount  (18yrs+)

  • $150/yr

Restricted to AO recreation membership only. No AO championship meets.

Must pay own entry fees, arranged through your coach.

MASTERS Age: 30 & older

Governing Body: Ontario Masters Athletics http://ontariomasters.ca/

Cost: $250 per year.

Spring Outdoor:

YDP – April to end of June
Intermediate, Senior, Master – April to end of July
For Training Times and Locations Click Here

Fall Conditioning / Cross Country: Sept to Dec

Youth Development Program

Begins Tuesday September 5
Tues and Thurs 5:30pm to 6:30 p.m
Sackville Hill Park, corner of Mohawk Road and Upper Wentworth


Begins Tuesday September 5
Tues and Thurs 6pm to 7.30pm
Churchill Park, Westdale. Longwood/Devon we meet at the small building.

Senior Cross country/ middle distance

with coaches Patti Moore patti.run@gmail.com and Danielle Giliauskas.  Start Date Aug 22nd Churchill Park, West Hamilton. Longwood/ Devon. Tues and Thurs 6pm to 7.30pm.

Senior Sprints

with coaches Matt Hodgson mhodgson@pvschemicals.com   Ryan Wright and Bernard Dubois. Training begins Monday Oct 2. Please contact Matt later in September for details

Winter Indoor: Jan to March

Year Membership: Jan to December




Competition Entry fees are provided by the Club. Athletes are responsible for food, accommodation, and travel expenses. Athletes must compete in H.O.C. uniform.

What is included in full membership?

  • Entries are paid by the club to all meets sanctioned by the club, at the discretion of coach.
  • Travel to provincial meets (AO championships) MAY be covered.
  • Accommodation for provincial meets, when necessary, under club supervision & rules, MAY be covered.
  • Eligible to be selected for yearly club awards.

If  you have any questions please contact us at
PHONE: 905.388.6561
EMAIL: info@hamiltonolympicclub.ca

To Register:

  1. Read the program descriptions to left. Click on each for prices and other details.
  2. Download and complete the appropriate waiver form. Submit it to the coach at first practice after registering.
    Intermediate MTA POA 2017
    Senior AO POA 2017
  3. Schedule Bingo Volunteer Date(s) and submit deposit cheque(s) by contacting our Bingo Coordinator at hewitts3@fastmail.fm . One of the primary ways the Club raises funds to offset costs related to training and competition, is by providing volunteers at Princess Bingo. Address: 300 Fennell East, Hamilton, ON http://princessbingo.ca/ Every athlete is required to have someone, 16 years of age or older, volunteer at one bingo session (90 minutes to 2 hours) per season registered, or two bingo sessions per 1 year membership. An UNDATED deposit cheque of $100 per season, made out to the Hamilton Olympic Club, or two $100 cheques for the year, must also be submitted to the Club before the athlete will be allowed to compete. Once the bingo commitment is fulfilled, the cheque(s) will be returned. You will not be able to continue with registration until this is arranged.
  4. Complete the registration form here 2017 HOC Registration Form
  5. Senior athletes who will compete in official meets need to also register with Athletics Ontario and pay the appropriate fee here http://athleticsontario.ca/registration/
  6. Make payment by selecting the age group and season below. You will receive a confirmation email once payment is received.



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